Wisconsin Quarter Coin Error Extra High Low Leaf 2004

14 Dec

Every coin collector was excited when the US mint introduced the 50 State quarters collection. Finally, there was an update to the long-running Washington quarter. There were many great designs, along with several goofs. Error coins are both valuable and fun to look for when you’re getting change back from that expensive coffee at Starbucks.

Wisconsin Quarter Error Leaf 2004

The 2004 Wisconsin quarter has an error which shows an extra leaf on the corn plant near the cheese.  Maybe it was a sabotage from Iowa, since they really get top billing when it comes to corn?  Okay, let’s get down to business. What’s the best way to find out if you have the 2004 Wisconsin error quarter? There will be an extra leaf coming out on the left side of the corn plant right above the cheese. Check out the image below for an example. There are two varieties of the error including the high leaf and low leaf.

There is no official explanation for the error. Do you think the US mint creates these errors intentionally for some extra buzz in the coin world? The legend states that a Denver mint operator turned on a machine that was creating the blemishes. He failed to notice the errors and went to lunch, and the machine was pumping out the extra leaf quarters for about 75 minutes and they got mixed into the bunch.  The value of the Wisconsin extra leaf quarter error is around $200 for very good circulated condition, or roughly $600 for uncirculated coins. Some have sold for up to $1500 for a perfect specimen. Keep in mind that prices for error coins fluctuate a lot, but enough time has passed that the current prices should be pretty accurate.

Wisconsin Quarter Error
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