1955 Doubled Die Lincoln Penny Cent Worth $2000

3 Mar

The 1955 doubled die Lincoln penny is a very valuable coin error, and most coin collectors consider it the most sought after doubled die American coin. This infamous coin was minted in Philadelphia when the second blow from the hub was not aligned properly and created the ghost image. The doubling of the image is most noticeable on the 1955 date, “In God We Trust,” and “Liberty.” There are roughly 20,000 of these pennies that were produced and released into circulation. Many of them were used in cigarette vending machines to provide change back when packs costed 23 cents and the machine would take a quarter and give two pennies back. A 1955 doubled die Lincoln penny in good condition will sell for over $2000. A lot of them are well preserved since the error was known right away and collectors started searching for the treasure.
1955 Doubled Die Lincoln Penny Cent

How can I tell if I have a genuine 1955 doubled die Lincoln penny?

Counterfeits do exist. It’s always best to have your coin certified with one of the major certification companies. Here is one great tip to determine if your 1955 doubled die Lincoln penny is genuine: There should be two scratches shooting down from the top left of the “T” in trust. Consult the image below to see an example. Okay, it’s time to go check your jar of change.  Also, don’t forget to watch out for that 1943 copper penny. If you find one of those, feel free to sell it and buy a new house. Good luck.

1955 Doubled Die Scratches T Penny

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