Peace Dollar Mintages and Mint Marks

28 Jan

Peace Dollar mintages varied from a small run of around 360,500 for the key rare date issue to a large run of 49 million on other dates. The highest mintages took place early in the series when heavy production was necessary to fulfill the requirements of the Pittman Act.
The World War I Pittman Act authorized the melting of up to 350 million silver dollars to provide bullion to other countries, which would fill 3/4 of an olympic sized swimming pool! It’s interesting to note that another 50 million were melted during WWII to produce additional U.S. coins. 270,232,722 silver dollars which were melted were replaced with new coins struck from U.S. mines, and this resulted in high mintage of the Morgan Dollar series and the early years of the Peace Dollars until 1928. The mint marks are located on the obverse of the coin under the “O” in ONE.

Peace Dollar Mint Mark

The key dates of the Peace Dollars series are the 1928  and 1934-S since they had the smallest mintage. Here are the mintage numbers for each Peace Dollar year:

Date Mintage
1921 1,006,473
1922 51,737,000
1922-D 15,063,000
1922-S 17,475,000
1923 30,800,000
1923-D 6,811,000
1923-S 19,020,000
1924 11,811,000
1924-S 1,728,000
1925 10,198,000
1925-S 1,610,000
1926 1,939,000
1926-D 2,348,700
1926-S 6,980,000
1927 848,000
1927-D 1,268,900
1927-S 866,000
1928 360,649
1928-S 1,632,000
1934 954,057
1934-D 1,569,500
1934-S 1,011,000
1935 1,576,000
1935-S 1,964,000
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  1. I have a peace dollar that seems different from the rest. I don’t know it’s value but I am trying to sell it maybe you could help

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