Native American Dollars For Sale

Check out the newest Native American dollar coins for sale that were issued 2000 through native american dollar coin for saletoday. The U.S. Mint started issuing $1 coins in 2000 featuring designs focusing on the importance of Native Americans to the early development of the United States. This started in 2000 with the Sacagawea dollar, which is also known as the golden dollar.  It was not released for mainstream circulation from 2002-2008, as well as from 2012 to present day, because people did not like using dollar coins instead of paper money. 

  • Sacagawea Dollar
  • 2009 Spread of Three Sisters Agriculture
  • 2010 Government and the Great Tree of Peace
  • 2011 Diplomacy Treaties with Tribal Nations
  • 2012 Trade Routes in the 17th Century
  • 2013 Delaware Treaty of 1778
  • 2014 Native Hospitality and the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • 2015 Mohawk Ironworkers
  • 2016 Native American Code Talkers of World War I and World War II
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