Susan B Anthony Dollars For Sale

In the world of numismatics, the Susan B. Anthony dollar holds a unique place as a trailblazing tribute to gender equality. Minted in the late 1970s, this coin not only carries the weight of currency but also symbolizes the tireless efforts of Susan B. Anthony and the broader suffragist movement in advocating for women’s rights.

susan b anthony coin dollar for sale

Historical Context

The Susan B. Anthony dollar was first minted in 1979, marking a significant departure from the traditional portrayal of historical figures on U.S. currency. The decision to feature Susan B. Anthony, a prominent suffragist and advocate for women’s rights, was a deliberate and groundbreaking choice. This marked the first time a real woman, aside from allegorical figures like Lady Liberty, appeared on a circulating U.S. coin.

Design and Symbolism:

The front of the coin features a profile of Susan B. Anthony, paying homage to her role in the suffrage movement. The reverse depicts an eagle landing on the moon, commemorating the Apollo 11 mission. The use of the moon landing symbolizes progress and achievement, drawing parallels between the suffrage movement’s victories and the advancements of the space age.

While the design is noteworthy, the size and color of the coin were sources of criticism. The coin’s similarity in size and appearance to the quarter led to confusion, making it unpopular in daily transactions. The coin’s distinctive copper-nickel composition also contributed to its lack of popularity, further underscoring the challenges faced by the Susan B. Anthony dollar in gaining widespread acceptance.

Public Reception:

Despite its historical significance, the Susan B. Anthony dollar faced challenges in gaining traction among the public. The confusion with the quarter, combined with the coin’s general unpopularity, led to its limited circulation. Vending machines and public resistance contributed to its quick decline, resulting in a relatively short lifespan in regular use.

Legacy and Commemorative Use:

Although the Susan B. Anthony dollar was not widely embraced for everyday transactions, its legacy endures. The coin has become a symbol of the ongoing struggle for gender equality and recognition. In the years since its initial minting, it has found new life in the numismatic community and among collectors who appreciate its historical significance.

Additionally, Susan B. Anthony dollars have been reissued in various forms for commemorative purposes. Special editions, often featuring modified designs or unique finishes, have been released to honor key anniversaries and events related to the suffrage movement. These commemorative coins serve as a reminder of the progress made in the fight for equality and the contributions of those like Susan B. Anthony who paved the way.


The Susan B. Anthony dollar may not have achieved widespread success in everyday transactions, but its impact on American currency is immeasurable. As the first coin to feature a real woman, it broke new ground and paved the way for future representations of diverse figures on U.S. currency. Beyond its monetary value, the Susan B. Anthony dollar remains a powerful symbol of the ongoing journey toward equality and recognition for all.

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