1878 Morgan Dollars For Sale Value

The 1878 Morgan Dollar is the very first coin in the series and there are several variations. The first one struck has eight tail feathers on the reverse with an estimated mintage of about 750,000. The Philadelphia Mint produced 500 additional proof coins of the 1878 Morgan with eight tail feathers which are quite valuable. The next variation of the 1878 Morgan Dollar shows seven tail feathers on the reverse. Within this group, there is also a second reverse which shows parallel talk to arrow feathers and a concave breast on the bird, and a third reverse has a slanted top arrow feather and a convex breast. another variation of the 1878 Morgan Dollar is the 1878–CC minted at Carson City with a total number of 2,212,000. There are a lot of this version still available in uncirculated condition because many were held in Treasury vaults. The final variety is the 1878–S Morgan Dollar struck in San Francisco with the total volume of around 10 million coins. The value of the 1878 Morgan Dollar ranges from $50 in good condition up to $5000 for MS66 and better. Check out what is currently available for sale below.

1878 Morgan Dollar Value Chart

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