Lincoln Bicentennial Small Cents For Sale

Check out these Lincoln Bicentennial Small Cents for sale that were originally Lincoln Bicentennial Penny Small Cents For Saleissued in 2009. Four different reverse designs were used for the 2009 Lincoln Cent to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth.  Each design represents a stage  of his life, all the way from birth to presidency. The first 2009 Lincoln Cent design represents Lincoln’s birthplace and early childhood in Kentucky with an image of a log cabin to represent Lincoln’s humble upbringing. The second design represents Lincoln’s formative years in Indiana with a young Abe taking a break from rail splitting to read a book. The third design represents Lincoln’s professional life spent in Illinois as a young man standing before the Illinois State Capitol building. The fourth and final design represents Lincoln’s presidency in Washington with a view of the half completed Capitol Dome symbolizing Lincoln’s role in guiding the Nation through the Civil War period. Browse through the best deals on Lincoln Bicentennial Small Cents for sale below and add some to your collection.