Small Cents

The United States started minting Small Cents, or what we call pennies, in 1857 for a couple reasons.  One reason was due to the fact that the price of making the larger Half Lincoln Small Cents For SaleCent and Large Cent had escalated to the point where the production of the coins costed more than they were worth.  Also, there was a push to encourage Americans to abandon the Spanish and English coinage and begin using entirely United States issued coins in order to make everything easier numerically. How many are in your collection? Check out great deals on U.S. small cents for sale below including the Flying Eagle Cent (1856–1858), Indian Head Cent (1859–1909),  Lincoln Wheat Cent (1909–1958), Lincoln Memorial Cent (1959–2008),  Lincoln Bicentennial (2009), and the Lincoln Shield Cent (2010–Now). Some of these small cents are very rare making them pretty valuable and are a great addition to your collection.

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