1921 Morgan Dollars For Sale Value

The 1921 Morgan Dollar was a huge comeback for the coin which had not been struck in 18 years. Over 100 million coins had been melted for the Pittman act, and now that silver was available for US coins again, they really made up for it by producing more than 80 million 1921 Morgan Dollars. It is by far the most common Morgan Dollar, and as you can guess, it’s also one of the least valuable. The upside of this is the fact that you can get yourself a very nice mint condition Morgan Dollar for a reasonable price. The value of the 1921 Morgan dollar ranges from around $20 in good condition up to $40 in uncirculated condition. It’s interesting to note that 1921 was the only Morgan Dollar that was minted in Denver, and the total 1921 mintages are as follows: 1921 = 44,690,000 | 1921-S = 21,695,000 | 1921-D = 20,345,000

1921 Morgan Dollar Value
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